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Custom Designed Packaging

  • angus pack
  • angus pack2
  • Japanese Obe
  • Japanese Obe2
  • Puzzle Box
  • Die-cut digipack front view
  • Die-cut digipack rear view
  • Die-cut digipack view 2
  • 10 Panel single tray Digipak closed view
  • 10 Panel single tray Digipak 5
  • 10 inch cover with EVA foam cutouts inside view
  • 10 inch cover with EVA foam cutouts Side view
  • Fur Covered Digipak 1
  • Fur Covered Digipack

If you want your packaging to be completely unique then we can help you! From die-cutting, custom-designed wallets or digipacks, we can cover something in fur!! The scope is almost endless. If you have an idea or a prototype then we can make it into a commercial run. Just get in touch with us and we can talk through what’s possible.


  • USB Examples
  • USBs
  • 4 Panel USB Digi

We make and print a huge range of USB flashdrives and we make the packaging for them too! We can stick USBs into books, make wallets with custom-cut EVA foam to hold them, put your music or data onto them, and also do security so your data can’t be accidentally deleted!

Download Cards

  • Download cards 1
  • Download Cards 2

Download cards are a great support for CD sales. They provide a digital download option for people who buy a CD or other merchandise. Typically your digital content is uploaded to a location and your customers can download this content using a unique code.

We offer 2 options for download cards, if you are using Bandcamp or another digital service and have your own codes, we can print cards with your supplied code.

We also offer a full-service card product which includes:

  • Individually coded download card 95x55mm, printed full colour 1 side, black on code side on 350gsm standard gloss stock, QR code and unique URL
  • Upload of content to download location (up to 500MB)
  • 2 years hosting of content
  • Management of access to your content and reports on demand


Brochures, Booklets and Posters

  • Brochure Examples 1
  • Brochure Examples 2

We can print booklets, brochures, and posters – in fact, any kind of printing is possible for us. Get in touch and let us know what you need.

No templates files available.

Slip Cases and O-Rings

  • Slipcase 2 wallet 1
  • 4 CD wallet Slipcase1
  • O-Ring for single jewel case
  • Slipcase 2 wallet 1
  • Slipcase 2 wallet 2

Slipcases and O-Rings are designed to hold multiple packaged discs but can also be used an extra lux option for single items. You may have a number of titles you want to sell as a box set or maybe you’ve got a CD and DVD set that you want to house together. Perhaps you’re just trying to sell a bunch of older titles together and want to spruce them up. Whatever your need we have a solution – so get in touch so we can help you get your products humming.

Counter Boxes

  • Counter Display Box

Counter Boxes are used for at-register displays or on merchandise tables. You can use a pre-existing design or we can custom make counter boxes to hold just about anything. Get in touch to discuss what you need.

Folding Cardboard Boxes

  • Puzzle Box
  • Folding Cardboard end opening Box

Folding cardboard boxes are made from a printed light-weight card. They can be customised to any size and can be a two-piece or single piece box. Both types can hold multiple discs or other items.

Rigid Boxes

  • Hamburger box2
  • Hamburger box1
  • 2 piece rigid box
  • Hinged Box with 2 trays

We make rigid boxes in just about any size. You can choose a 2 piece box (top and bottom are separate) or a hinged box – where the top and bottom are connected, this is also known as a hamburger box. Rigid boxes can be used to house multiple disc sets or promotional items. Boxes can be made to whatever specification you need to fit the product you have just get in touch with us to talk through the details of what you need.


  • Socks 1
  • Socks 2

We can make and customise socks! This is a really great addition to your merch table – our tube socks are woven with your design up to 10 colours. They are made from 60% cotton / 36% nylon / 4% spandex (mix may vary slightly depending on colour choices). Socks are one size – Sole size: 23cm (toe to heel), Length: 28cm (heel to cuff).

Playing Cards

  • Custom printed playing card box
  • Custom printed playing cards

Fancy yourself as a card shark? We can custom design and print playing cards for you. Print whatever you desire on the back of the card and select from a standard play-side OR custom design each card. These high-quality cards are a great addition to your merchandise range