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Disc Packaging

Discs Only

Just need discs? That’s easy – we can print and replicate your CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays and supply them without packaging or with very basic packaging like a clear vinyl sleeve or window face envelope.

Unprinted wallets

If you are looking for a simple solution for your disc packaging we have a range of unprinted packaging available. Perfect for hand stamping or creating a hand-drawn design for each cover. We offer 2 panel and 4 panel wallets in plain white or kraft brown stock.

No templates files available.

2 Panel – 5 Inch Wallet

Our standard 2 panel (5 inch) disc wallet is our most cost effective printed packaging. It is compact, light but robust and is fantastic for mailing out or taking on the road. This package is perfect for singles and EPs. The options include our standard wallet, wallet with die cut hole and thumbcut.

2 Panel wallet with tie-closure

This option is a cool upgrade to our standard 2 panel, 5″ wallet. We love the string tie because it gives such a funky look, but it’s still compact and robust.

4 Panel Lavelle Single Pocket Gatefold Wallet (shallow arc)

One of our most popular wallet styles, the Lavelle is a classy option. A shallow arc gives you lots of inside print space with minimal spine cutaway. Outside spine is a healthy 4mm – plenty of room for text. The rectangular shape of this wallet mimics a jewel case dimension.

4 Panel Single Outer Pocket Wallet

Our 4 panel outer pocket wallet is similar to a vinyl gatefold because the disc is accessed from outside edge. It’s a great choice if you want to match your vinyl release. Rectangular panels and a 5mm spine are a classy way to present your product.

4 Panel Single Slit Pocket Wallet

The 4 panel Single slit wallet has a slit where the CD slides making it easy to remove and replace the disc. With a 5mm spine you have loads of room for text.

4 Panel Single Thumb Cut Wallet

The 4 Panel Single Thumb cut wallet has a small thumb cut on the inside spine allowing access to remove the CD as well as giving more print area. It has a square panel shape and 4mm spine.

4 Panel Gatefold Wallet – rectangle with single arc and booklet glued in

This funky wallet has the disc pocket on the left hand side and a booklet glued to the right hand inner panel. It’s reads like a book and is a unique way to present your work.

4 Panel Straight Single Pocket Wallet

This 4 panel Straight Single pocket wallet has the most available print area with 2 complete inner panels to take advantage of and the centre cutaway at the inner spine area is minimised.