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Custom Merchandise

Playing Cards

  • Custom printed playing card box
  • Custom printed playing cards

Fancy yourself as a card shark? We can custom design and print playing cards for you. Print whatever you desire on the back of the card and select from a standard play-side OR custom design each card. These high-quality cards are a great addition to your merchandise range


  • Puzzle Box

If you’d like to add a custom puzzle to merchandise table you can! We can print and box your puzzle ready for sale. You can choose the complexity of the puzzle, chose the image and design the box cover.

Washi Tape

  • Custom Printed Washi Tape

If you’re anything like us you’ll love custom printed washi tape –  this versatile tape is a bit like masking tape except that it’s more flexible and doesn’t leave a residue behind. You can apply it to just about any surface as a decoration, use it to seal gift boxes and bags and if you’re into crafting you’ll know that washi tape is the greatest thing since textas were invented. Our washi tape can be made in a variety of widths and can be full colour printed in whatever design you like. Each roll comes individually packaged.

No templates files available.

Ceramic Coasters and Mugs

  • Custom printed ceramic coasters
  • Custom printed ceramic mugs

Our ceramic mugs and matching coasters are a classy way to get your brand onto a product your fans will love to use. Our mugs and coasters are Individually packaged and custom printed.

No templates files available.

Custom Printed Mouse Pads

  • Mouse Pad

These oversized mouse pads are thin and versatile and double as a microfibre cleaning cloth. They are full colour printed in the design of your choice and packaged into a resealable cellophane bag for sale. Approximate dimensions: 274mm x 161mm

No templates files available.