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Custom CD, DVD & Product Packaging

We offer a vast range of product packaging for discs (Custom CD, DVD and Blu-Ray) as well as USBs, Books & Merchandise. Check out the range below & ask us for a FREE quote now.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact us so we can help!

Disc Packaging

Disc Packaging for CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays can be as simple as a clear plastic sleeve or as complicated as a custom-designed, fur-covered digipack. You can include booklets, small posters or multiple discs with many of our standard CD case options. Our range of standard disc packaging includes CD Wallets, Digipacks, Jewel Cases & books. If you’re looking to make your project really stand out check out our custom-designed packaging & custom merchandise options. Your CD packaging says a lot about you as an artist. It’s the culmination of your creative work into a tangible item that you should be proud to present to the world. That's why it's so important to get it right. We offer over 50 years of combined experience in the music industry. Specifically, in high-quality disc manufacture which includes CD printing, packaging printing and custom design.  As a result, we are the best people to talk to when you need a recommendation about the best options for your project. All of our custom packaging is printed in full colour with soy-based inks. Our card stock is 350gsm and our paper stock is 150gsm as standard. Additionally, you can select from a range of different stock types, including recycled, kraft, satin and matt and our special finishes include matt cello, gloss cello and satin. Similarly, metallic foiling, spot gloss UV, embossing and debossing are available for most of our standard CD packaging products. When we commence your project it is custom made specifically for you. Each print run is stand-alone so you can be sure that your project receives the individual attention it deserves. Check out our extensive range of high-quality products. We’re likely to have something that will suit your project. If not, we can custom design something for you! Ask us for a free quote today.

DVD Packaging

We offer a range of options for DVD packaging & custom DVD Cases. One of the great things about DVDs and Blu-Ray discs is the volume of data that they can hold. From a collection of short video clips to a full length, high-definition feature film there will be a disc format to suit you. DVDs can be either single layer DVD 5 which can hold 4.7 GB data or dual layer DVD 9 which has a capacity of 9.7GB data. Similarly Blu-Ray discs can be either single layer BD 25 with 25GB data capacity or dual layer BD 50 with a 50GB data capacity. Whatever your project requirements we can replicate, print and package your DVD or Blu-Ray so that your project will present professionally. We offer a range of options for standard DVD cases & custom DVD packaging. Like CDs, DVDs can be packaged into just about anything from basic sleeves, traditional plastic cases with printed inserts (slicks) to bespoke DVD digipacks, DVD wallets or custom sized books. We provide a full range of popular DVD cases or if space is an issue you can customise or use CD-sized packaging for your DVD or Blu-Ray. So if you’ve got a DVD or Blu-Ray project in the pipeline make sure you get in touch with us so we can help you find the perfect solution for your disc packaging and manufacture. Request a FREE quote today.

Outer Packaging

While many of our standard CD and DVD packaging options can house multiple discs, sometimes you need to package multiple items together into a set. For instance, it might be multiple albums or films, or perhaps you want to make a set from different formats of the same title. In some cases, you may want to have an outer slipcase or o-ring to give your album a bit more oomph. Regardless of your needs, we can make outer packaging to suit you. Get in touch with us today.  We can help you find the right outer packaging for your products. Outer Packaging can take the form of a slip-case, o-ring, box or a counter stand. If you have multiple items to package, you can hold them together like a box-set.  Alternatively, you may just want to make a single package have a bit more 'oomph'. Our range of outer packaging can be custom made to fit a variety of items.


They say there is a book in everyone - is there one in you too? Maybe yours is a training manual, a picture booklet, magazine, novel, cookbook, art compilation, pop-up or graphic novel. It might be hard-cover or softcover. If you have a CD or DVD or USB to accompany your words and images, we can package it into our custom-designed books too. We can make your project just about any size you want – from standard A5 or A4 to oversize casebound, coffee table books. Our extensive printing capabilities can make your book as unique as your content. At MAD, we offer a range of binding options including casebound, perfect bound, saddle-stitched and burst bound. In addition, we make hardcover, softcover and fabric-covered books as well as printing dust jackets. All of our printing is in soy-based inks and our inner page stock is 150gsm as standard. We also print our end papers in full colour. You can select from a range of different stock types for your book - gloss, recycled, kraft, satin and matt. Our special finishes include matt cello, gloss cello and satin and we offer metallic foiling, spot gloss UV varnish, embossing and debossing. All of our products are custom-made specifically for you and we take great pride in being able to provide luxe options that will make your finished book as unique as your content. Ask us for a free quote today.

Download Cards

Tired of hearing “But I don’t have a CD player anymore”? It’s painful to hear but it’s a sad reality for some sectors of your fanbase. If you don’t want to give your music away for free on a streaming platform, but still want to provide your music digitally, then download cards are the answer. We offer two types of download cards: full service and print only. Our full-service download cards not only look great, but they also provide secure digital access to your music and any other content you want to share with your fans. You provide the content and we handle the entire process from there. Storage of your content is included for MP3s, JPEGs and PDFs up to 500MB for 2 years.  Additionally, the printing of the cards, along with customer access and on-demand reports is also included. We can even collect data from each customer so you can add them to your mailing list. Your artwork is printed on a standard sized business card, with a unique URL on the reverse. It also includes a QR Code and 16 digit individual code. When your fans visit that URL or scan the QR code all they need to do is enter the 16 digit code to download your content. It’s a simple, secure and accessible. At the end of the process, your customer is automatically directed to where you want them to go – your website, Facebook page or Instagram. If you already have a digital presence on a site like bandcamp then we can print download cards for you with codes you supply. Our cards are full colour printed on high-quality 350gsm stock. The code side is printed black only and each card is unique. Want to learn more about our download cards? Get in touch with us and we can guide you through!


Flashdrives have become a convenient way to distribute your music over the last decade. We have a large range of USB flashdrives available for your next project. We make and print a huge range of USB flash drives and the packaging for them too! At MAD CDs, we offer high-quality USB printing and packaging. We can stick USBs into books, make wallets with custom-cut EVA foam to hold them or package them with your CD or DVD into custom-designed packaging. Our USB service can include data loading and security so your data can’t be accidentally deleted. If flashdrives are part of your next project please get in touch so we can help you! Custom artwork templates available  


Custom-branded merchandise is a key revenue stream for many independent musicians & artists. Branded merch is more than a nice-to-have, it is an effective way to cement your brand in the mind of your customers and fan base. MAD CDs can create & print custom merchandise specific for your project.  We can print booklets, brochures, and posters – in fact, any kind of merch printing is possible for us. Get in touch and let us know what you need. Additional options for merchandise include playing cards, custom tube socks, clothing, puzzles, washi tape, coasters, mugs, mousepads and more. Our merchandise is high-quality and we work with you to customise your project. Additionally, we ensure your products stand out and represent you professionally.  As a result, you get your brand onto a product your fans will love to use. Our professional merch printing comes with exceptional service and over 50+ years of industry experience. Add some new additions to your merchandise range today. We can print on just about anything, so let us know what you are looking for and we will provide some suggestions and a free quote.  Print merchandise with MAD CDs and find out why we're the industry's trusted experts.