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Packaging Range

We offer a vast range of packaging for discs (CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray) as well as USBs and Books. Check out the range below.

Disc Packaging

Disc Packaging can be as simple as a clear plastic sleeve or as complicated as a custom-designed, fur-covered digipack! You can include booklets or other items like cards or puzzles. Our extensive range of packaging options is sure to have something to suit your project, if not we can custom design something for you!

DVD Packaging

Like CDs, DVDs can be packaged into just about anything from basic sleeves to bespoke digipacks or books. The items in our DVD packaging range are the most popular types of packaging however you can customise or use CD-sized packaging for your DVD or Blu-Ray.

Outer Packaging

Outer Packaging can take the form of a slip-case, o-ring, box or a counter stand. If you have multiple items you want to package then you can hold them together like a box-set or maybe you just want to make a single package have a bit more 'oomph'. Our range of outer packaging can be custom made to fit a variety of items or you may find that we have an existing product that suit your needs.


We make beautiful books in almost any size and shape - some specifically to hold discs. From tiny to huge the options are endless.

Download Cards

Custom printed digital download cards usually contain a unique code that your customers use to access your content.


We make and print a huge range of USB flashdrives and we make the packaging for them too! We can stick USBs into books, make wallets with custom-cut EVA foam to hold them, put your music or data onto them, and also do security so your data can't be accidentally deleted!